Sunday, May 24, 2009

Original Hem on True Religion Jeans

There are a lot of pants out there on the market but few have as hand stitched of a hem as True Religion Brand Jeans. On the newest True Religion jeans they use a machine to stitch the jeans together and then they run a hand stiched thick thread over all the machine stitch. This presents a problem for a basic alteration company to shorten or hem the jeans without ruining the original bottoms. Denim Doctors is specialized in handling this type of alteration. We do what is called a superhem, and that consists of taking off the actual hem and taking it apart so that we can stitch it back on with our patented process so that the jeans are cut to length while keeping the exact same stitching and originality of the manufactures hem. Its not that we are the only ones that can do it, its that we specialize in jean and denim alteration. We have all the equipment that is needed and have a team of specialized tailors. I will post some pics of a hem job done on a pair of True Religion Jeans soon so that it makes more sense as to our process and attention to detail.n Stay tuned for more pics and descriptions on our work!!

The Denim Doctor @ Denim Doctors on Beverly Blvd

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whats going on with Denim Doctors??

Denim Doctors has been taking care of denim customers since 1994. We are on Beverly Blvd west of La Brea. We started in the 90's doing denim repair of collectable jeans and developed it into a household name of jean repair. We specialize in selvedge denim altering and repair as well as your every day jeans needing repair. We have now grown our repair services to alteration on high end or vintage leather jackets and pants. Denim Doctors can alter and fit any tee shirt or button down. We are not the cheapest but we are the best in what we do. Denim Doctors is based out of our Los Angeles Hollywood Trading Company store that is all high end vintage clothing items and new denim. We know vintage denim from our sales and collecting background, with that knowledge comes our understanding and importance of quailty work. We hope to serve your needs soon! We will post random work from custom to every day weekly on this blog so please stay tuned!